1. Making progress

  2. The Early Stages of Making

    The giant embroidered CV is taking shape nicely. The first few days were spent meticulously measuring, because I’m machining 13 bands on one 3 meter long piece of fabric it is paramount that every line is 180degree straight. If lines start getting crooked, it will all become a mess. 

    I’ve been using the Multi-needle hoop to help set up the right angles and running masking tape along the fabric to mark the lines, before using taking stitches (in white) to line everything up. I’m machining through 3 layers of fabric (linen on top, vilene in the middle, cotton backing), tacking the lines help keep it all flat, and prevents the layers from bubbling. 

    Masking tape is great because it means I can mark out lines without interfering too much with my linen. Those blue water soluble pens are great, but on a piece this big and white I’m trying to avoid using them. I have already been warned by my tutor that my biggest task in making will be ensuring my fabric stays brilliant white and doesn’t get dirty.  I can draw my line with tape, tack it and then rip the tape off. Nice and clean.  

  3. My contribution to Easter Sunday lunch. Im not the best cook so may as well do the decorating! Hope you’re all enjoying a happy and healthy easter!

    Aisling x

  4. A lot of my work this semester has been composed using Wilcom software, in which I draw my design and the Multi-needle machine embroiders it.

    I have a pretty substantial body of textile work, but my tutor has told me to use the Easter Break to get a good drawing portfolio together for assessment, and to find a way of drawing that really corresponds to my embroideries.

    I love using the multi-needle because everything about it is exact and precise down to the millimeter. I’m going to use my time off to do some really technical drawings of the motifs and patterns I use to fill my illustrations. I’m thinking a hard pencil, ruler, protractor, compass and a lovely black-black pen on watercolour paper.

    I’m taking 
    inspiration from the crazy-technical drawing of Mark Reynolds. (First Image) Everything is so perfectly calculated and ordered. This is going to be a  challenge, but nothing wrong with that I guess…looking forward to starting them!

  5. More lovely Embroidered book covers from the library. 

  6. Digital Blackwork Drawing by Aisling Smyth.
    Follow her on Tumblr, Facebook and Twitter @sequinsoup

  7. sequinsoup:

    Embroidered iPhone by Aisling Smyth. Follow her on Tumblr, Facebook and @sequinsoup on Twitter

    So this post seems to have become very popular as of late! Hello and welcome to you new followers, I’m very much looking forward to sharing more embroideries with you lovely people. I have a back log of about 20 pieces similar to this that I still have to scan and upload, so stay tuned for lots more similar stuff!

    And if its Embroidery you’re into, take a little scroll through my older posts. Pretty much everything on this blog is my own needlework which is being completed for my BA in Textile Art.

    Much love,
    Aisling x 

  8. poesiegrenadine:

    A Poesie Grenadine interview in Cross Stitcher Magazine

    "I want to use my experiences of embroidery as a therapy to help others less fortunate than myself" - I so love reading things like this. Restores my faith in humanity. 

  10. A collection of my digital blackwork illustrations which explore visual culture: semiotics, symbols, codes, icons…with some blackwork geometric pattern thrown in as well of course. 

  11. Latest and final addition to the blackworked CV motifs.
    “A” is for Aisling. 

  12. Today I went to The Fashion and Textile Museum to visit the ‘Artist Textiles’ exhibition. We then took a trip to the Tate where I stumbled upon my fave babe Tracey Emins ‘Hate and Power can be a Terrible Thing’. Here I am looking very star struck beside it. :3

  13. Im currently in London for the weekend. First up, the V&A museum. Such beauty.


  14. Tweet tweet

    Hey everybody!
    As of tonight I’m on Twitter…fancy huh? I don’t know much about navigating my way around it just yet but I’m told its a fantastic way of meeting new people and finding great opportunities.
    If any of y’all are on it share the love, @sequinsoup

    Aisling x

  15. This is the final layout for my Embellished CV. I might tweak it more slightly but this is the general gist. Now I have to machine out a few of the icons, decide on the scale, blow it up and get to work. The majority of this will be stitched out using the Multi needle machine. and the Floral banners will be hand embroidered using counted cross stitch.

    Size wise I’m thinking the bigger the better. Lets go!